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    SHENG WORLD - Lifestyle & Wellness Blockchain Platform

    Since 2013, the development of the blockchain has been seriously popularized until now and in that year solutions and innovations have also begun to emerge, especially in 2017, which is the cryptographic year, because almost all of the most popular crypto currencies experienced very significant growth. various kinds of adoption began, maybe it could be in the future Blockchain technology as a basic need for the community. The development of the era can not be denied, humans must continue to evolve. Yaps, since Ethereum was launched, Crypto-world has made a big difference. Ethereum is famous for Smart-Contract where projects or industries that want to adopt the blockchain are easier, simpler, safer, and extra economical with the existence of smart-contracts at the Ethereum network.

    So what industries adopt blockchain technology? for example, the Lifestyle, Fitness, Health and other industries. Okay, let's get to the point, the current admin will discuss interesting projects to discuss, because this project combines real life like lifestyle with a technology. Yaps of course the existence of smart-contracts on Ethereum networks all industries or projects are easier to adopt, usually projects that don't have or build their own blockchain are often called "Tokens". okay we go back to the initial topic, discuss Lifestyle as well as our Health and Fitness can not be separated from the technology to facilitate someone.


    This time the admin will discuss a project called "SHENG" which is a Business-to-Business Platform for Consumers (B2B4C) for the Lifestyle, Fitness and Health industries. It consists of two absolute elements namely, for the SHENG Consumer Marketplace (4C) as well as the SHENG Eco-system (to B2B) Business-to-Business (B2B) system. Sheng World makes use of the energy of the blockchain, AI, and Smart Contract to create an complete ecosystem in extra or much less well being and well-being merchandise that enhance the mind, body, and spirit, allowing customers to commemorate life and rejuvenate from the bustle of daily life.

    The SHENG platform provides such as Lodging, Recreation, Sailing, Fitness, Aesthetics, Health, Golf, Sports, and of course Blockchain. Of course the SHENG platform is very complete to meet your lifestyle, and so far have not found a platform other than the complete and complete SHENG project. SHENG is a solution for a trader who is looking for complete health and lifestyle to reach consumers globally and also for consumers who are looking for an integrated platform that offers the best lifestyle and health information with choices that are guaranteed globally. 

    Here are the advantages of choosing the SHENG platform:

    For Vendors:
    • Enjoy a broad customer base
    • Enjoy an integrated platform for:

                    -Increase Inventory

                    -Reduce your platform costs

                    -Reduce transaction costs
    • Enjoy Global Opportunities through:

                    -Proven Franchise System

                    -Improve business opportunities

    For users:
    • Enjoy Discounts
    • Enjoy Easy Navigation
    • Enjoy gifts and life tokens from:

                    -Transactions in the Marketplace

                    -Contribute content

                    -User / Vendor Reference

                    -Listed as Usage


    Vision At Sheng World, think to unite providers and merchandise that increase the mind, physique and spirit, permitting customers to celebrate life and rejuvenate from the every day grind.

    SHENG's mission is to bring together world-class vendors and traders who fulfill that vision to Sheng Marketplace.

    | ABOUT TOKEN | 

    SHENG Token functions as the main trade mark of the Sheng World Infrastructure. This might be used for fundraising and can also supply utilities that come from prizes and bets. LIFE TOKEN will function as a token payment that will allow B2C, B2B and P2P exchanges of the value of the goods.

    Ticker : Sheng

    Network : Ethereum

    Soft Cap : 1 Million USD

    Hard Cap : 4 Million USD

    Total Supply : 500 Million Sheng 

    Further information : | WEBSITE | | ANN | | WHITEPAPER | | FACEBOOK | | TWITTER |

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