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    Relictum Pro - Blockchain 5.0 is the latest innovation by recording transactions faster

    Okay now we will discuss about blockcahin from generation to generation. the beginning of the blockchain began to be known by the public in 2009. Yaps, since that year Bitcoin was first launched and popularized by several communities who consider bitcoin as a new, safe, unique and transparent digital currency. Of course from all those explanations, Bitcoin as a crypto currency is identical to "Blockchain Technology" and who don't understand what Blockchain is, please visit Blockchain wikipedia.

    Blockchain technology, of course, is inseparable from several aspects, namely decentralized, distributed, public and transparent (all people are entitled and nothing is different, everybody has the identical rights within the Blockchain network). This technology began to be widely known by various parts of the world and formed a community, someone who is an expert in technology began to experiment trying to utilize this technology in real life, for example securing a data with this technology with some cryptographic techniques. so blockchain technology isn't simply for the introduction of virtual currency. Evidence that this technology is getting severe concerning the adoption of the foremost line and as a familiar potential, that is from generation to generation began to emerge with an aspect that is served as a new product that becomes a solution and innovation, such as the famous Altcoin example like Ethereum is famous for its smart-contracts, and many more.

    Discussing blockchain technology from generation to generation certainly has advantages. the first blockchain generation is on bitcoin by recording up to 10 transactions per second, the second blockchain generation is on Ethereum recording up to 20 transactions per second, the third generation on EOS is recording from 1,000 to 900,000, the fourth generation on is not much different from the speed transactions on EOS only have advantages in speed filling node only takes 3 seconds, and the nice information is that the blockchain has certainly develop into a everyday energy with the presence of a brand new generation Blockchain 5.0 (fifth generation) of course the admin here will discuss and explain the fifth generation Blockchain this specifically.


    Relictum Pro is the latest and most recent blockchain, precisely Blockchain 5.0 as I discussed earlier, Relictum Pro has all the basic and adequate requirements to ensure the fourth generation of blockchain work. Relictum Pro has the advantages of the Blockchain from the previous generation, namely the number of transactions up to> 1000 per second with a node filling speed of 0.5 to 1 second and the block size of only 120 bytes, which is 8,000 times smaller than the size of the Bitcoin block, which is 1,024,000 bytes ( 1MB). This allows data transfer and data processing speeds to an entirely new level. This also speeds up information retrieval on the network.

    Relictum Pro has 3 main elements, namely:

    • Newest block architecture

    Unique architecture of chains and blocks, with hash in MasterChain and synchronization and sharing of information by parallel chains n-dimensional smart-contracts

    • Own communication technology

    Own network of virtual communication channels (HyperNet) OSI transport layer on the basis of TCP / IP protocol over the Internet

    • PoT own consensus

    Unique consensus algorithm PoT (Proof of Tsar) with protection from hash collisions, nodes typing and their conditions

    Relictum Pro has a product called Relic Coin (RLC). Then, What is Relict Coin (RLC)?

    Relict Coin is a coin that is not subject to outside financial and political influence, it is primarily founded mostly on complex mathematical algorithms that don't include coin inflation. It is believed that a few of probably essentially the foremost big barriers in blockchain technology might be overcome within the fifth generation, namely, blockchain 5.0. Relictum Pro, which is based on this technology, has identified major problems with previous blockchain generations and designed products that can lay the foundation for strong and scalable blockchain applications.

    The conclusion:

    Relictum Pro is an endless distributed registry with a developed system of smart contracts, describing (formalizing) any event in human life, ranging from buying and selling goods and services, recording logistic events, to tracking copyright and interacting with legal entities, including a number of self-executing transactions (smart contracts) in any field of activity.  -Relictum Pro



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