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    Digital Gold X Blockchain - The combination of the two makes the solution for the investment industry reliable and safe


    Gold is used as a economic primary in lots of countries and can be used as jewelery and electronics. The use of gold within the economic and economic fields is founded mostly at the absolute economic worth of gold itself towards assorted currencies round the world, though officially at the international commodity exchanges, the charge of gold is indexed in US dollars. Forms of use of gold within the economic discipline are typically within the variety of bullion or gold bars in assorted sets of weight of grams to kilograms.

    Now we live in an era of financial prosperity and gold is no longer a primary transaction tool, but someone buys gold only for a number of reasons such as investment or just jewelry and show off our possessions.

    The gold industry sector which is mined by the government or the state, but rather the right to the country itself. while the community is sometimes a little difficult, with the existence of government regulations related to this gold industry. How not to fret, if people who want to buy or invest in gold are a little tied to the burden of government regulations, such as a certain amount of tax, or other costs. unless people buy gold just for jewelry or just show off wealth. data and surveys say every year there must be new solutions and innovations to change the world and human civilization.

    Okay we go back to the initial topic, namely Blockchain and Gold. yes, the two are combined and maybe I think everyone already knows what a blockchain is, known for its decentralization and freedom of all rights that exist on the blockchain network. discuss gold and blockchain, maybe it can be a solution of the problem I said before. then which platform is the best and most reliable way of combining gold and blockchain? Yaps, Digital Gold (called crypto that is, GOLD stable coin) This plalfom runs on Ethereum network (ERC-20) we can call it Token, because this project had not yet built its own blockchain. This platform is perfect for people who want to invest in gold, because basically you buy 1 GOLD erc-20 = 1 gram of originals. You do not worry about losing gold from the thief, because you only need to keep the private key containing the GOLD Token. Digital GOLD is backed with 100% real gold and stored in a very safe safe. You do not need to worry because each GOLD token is issued and the number of tokens in circulation is always the same as the total amount of gold bars stored in a safe / vault.

    Digital Gold can also be an alternative for traders, because GOLD tokens are stable digital assets with low volatility and a true safe haven for cryptocurrency investors in times of volatility (bear market). Buy gold is one way to save your wealth from fiat inflation, gold has been proven as a store of value and a long-term inflation hedge from a few years before even before people were familiar with technology, gold has been used as transactions and jewelry. Digital Gold has worked with many well-known partners, such as Coinmarketcap, BitForex and has been audited for smart-contract security by a blockchain security company based in Swiss ChainSecurity.

    The conclusion :
    “Digital GOLD is a virtual crypto asset backed up by means of means of bodily gold, that is bought each time a token is issued and saved in a safe vault in Singapore. GOLD is a safe, convenient and fast resolution that serves many functions from investment and portfolio diversification to safe transactions and present on your relatives.

    GOLD is a obvious monetary instrument, the place bodily gold bought by means of means of our manufacturer is absolutely matched real-time towards the quantity of issued tokens.” - Digital Gold

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